XD uses Invisible Internet Protocol (I2P) for anonymizing and encrypting connections. Thus it requires user to run I2P router with SAM bridge enabled.

i2pd has SAM bridge enabled by default and is recommended, Java implementation will work too.

Getting started with XD

Once you have built or obtained a release, a webui will be enabled by default at .

Windows users are encouraged to use the webui if they can't use the command line tool.

Command Line (unix)

To autogenerate a new config and start:

$ ./XD torrents.ini

After started put torrent files into ./storage/downloads/ to start downloading.

To seed torrents put data files into ./storage/downloads/ first then add torrent files.

If you compiled with web ui it will be up at .

To use the command line tool you must symlink the XD binary to XD-cli:

$ ln -s XD XD-cli

Adding torrents from seed file over i2p:

XD-cli add http://somesite.i2p/some/url/to/a/torrent.torrent

Listing active torrents:

XD-cli list

To increase how many pieces to request in parallel use set-piece-window command (may be removed in future):

XD-cli set-piece-window 10

Command Line (windows)

On Windows: make a copy of the file called XD-cli.exe.

All commands are done in the same manner as in unix, except / needs escaping depending on what terminal in use.

TODO: add more docs for windows.